Spry Wax Melts

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Wax melts are a scented piece of wax with no wick, perfect for home fragrance or workplaces. Simply scoop out wax from one of the three pots in this box, and place on the top of an oil burner or warmer. Each pot gives fragrances for apporximately 20 hours.

Each natural wax melt is crafted individually by hand in Great Britian.

Sea rock is a combination of mesmerising floral oils. Treasure those memories of salty lips and ocean spray in your hair, as summer seaweed and citrus conjure the child within.

Khaleesi is a special edition fragrance. Unleash the Black Orchid within and succumb to the enthralling power of devilishly dark black truffle, luscious berries and smouldering sandalwood, shrouded in the caress of velvet blossom.