Spry Small Candle

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Each candle is individually handcrafted in Great Britian. Choose from 6 different scents.

UP to 20 hours burn time. Box size H7cm x W6cm x D6cm

"Spry makes sense naturally!

We do not use palm/soy wax due to deforestation, parrafin wax, as it is very toxic or beeswax, so our candles are vegan friendly. We do use do use environmentaly friendly ingredients such as coconut oil, rapeseed wax etc, so our candles burn more slowly and evenly and are saturated with essential oils and scents."

Shade of Noir

Delve into the underworld, with the rich allure of ruby-red pomegranate and fleshy plum, and just a hint of vanilla to keep the naughty and bit nice!


Unleash the Black Orchid within and succumb to the enthralling power of devilishly dark black truffle, luscious berries and smouldering sandalwood, shrouded in the caress of velvet blossom: Khaleesi has arrived…

Sea Rock

Treasure those memories of salty lips and ocean spray in your hair, as summer seaweed and citrus conjure the child within.

Heaven Scent

Summon a secret shrine sanctified by potent musk and smoky sandalwood, and be shrouded in glowing incense.

Persian Rose

A delicate tapestry of glowing amber and Persian musk, laced with a bloom of rose and violet leaf. The scent of an empire.

Evening in the garden

Bring the natural fragrances of your flowering garden into your home and allow them to blossom. An infusion of musk with fresh lilies and jasmine will help you unwind.